Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Department of Science and Technology

Philippine FCT

Food Composition Tables (FCT) and databases (FCDBs) are considered important nutrition tools which provide information on the chemical/nutritional composition of foods. They are widely used by users in variety of areas: nutrition, public health surveys, nutrition education, dietetics and clinical practice, nutritional epidemiology, agricultural research, food regulation and consumer action programs. The access to and availability of electronic tables and databases are needed to accommodate the user's specific needs. This is now possible through the advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the accessibility of computer technology.

The Philippines thru the iFNRI proudly presents our own PhilFCT. It contains subsets of nutrient data, descriptors and photos of foods that were generated and compiled at the FNRI's Food Composition Laboratory. The PhilFCT is the free online access of data on energy and nutrients of 1600 foods commonly consumed in the country.

Foods evolve and so do food technologies and processes together with the agricultural procedures to produce them, influencing and changing food habits and practices. PhilFCT should be continually updated to keep pace with these changes and help address current challenges in providing quality food data.